I'm under fire evacuation alert. The Cedar Creek fire is heading toward me. THIS IS NOT GOOD! 

My granddaughter & I are writing Bernice the Barking Spider. Yeah, it's a children's book. Someday, over margaritas I'll explain the reasons, but it is fun and different. Meantime, I'm giving the newest book, a little rest before I begin rewrite and edits.

I'm getting some good feedback on the review of Dead & Dead For Real that appeared in the Arizona Daily Star on Sunday. Thanks. Writers live for feedback from readers. How else will we know we're doing a good job?

I am so pumped! Dead & Dead For Real made the Arizona Daily Star review page today! That's two books this year. This is so exciting for me.

Meantime, I'm again writing on the sequel. I thought I was done, but realized I needed to add more. As of now, it's six more chapters, with at least a seventh to be written.



I had a great book signing last week. Those Saddlebrooke Ranch people really know how to treat an author. I sold more books than any previous signing except Tucson Festival of Books. My thanks to those of you who came out and supported my efforts as a writer. Let me know what you think about the books. Critique, please.


Steve and I will be finalizing the next newsletter and have it out within a few days. This letter will have the Prologue from the sequel to Dead & Dead For Real (Yet untitled) There is a warning for those of Squeamish demeanor. It's not that the content is gory or violent. It's worse!


Back to writing

Here's the next book signing date. Yeah, this is a ways outside of Tucson, so I'm looking at this as a social event rather than a big sales day. That way I'm safe. I'm writing like mad on the Dead & Dead For Real sequel. The title is up in the air, with the latest consideration Dead to the World. That will probably change again. Meanwhile, the death toll rises as the chapters roll out.

Book  Signing!!


May 18, 2016



11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.


Saddlebrooke Ranch, La Hacienda Clubhouse

59638 E. Robson Circle, Oracle, AZ

Once again, my dreams change the plot in my writing. I love waking up and spending hours running the story through my mind. Okay, so I miss a little sleep. I'll take a nap tomorrow. I have a bout 39000 words on the first draft and figure  will have about 20000 more before I'm ready to start going back through it. What fun this is!

Steve asked me to start working on a new newsletter. Not a lot has happened since my last, so I started throwing stuff in the ring. I have been working hard on the sequel to Dead& Dead For Real, so I sent him the Prologue. It really sets the tone for the new book, and I warn you, It is nasty dirty nitty gritty horror. Nope, no gore or blood, but MUCH WORSE. Yes I violated some of the rules of writing fiction in the book.That smacks you in the face in the Prologue. You know, there's a lot of dystopia (literally translated, dystopia means "an undesirable place") stuff out there. Hunger Games is one example. The book depicts how we descend into dystopia, and that's not a common book theme. So enter my new book. Read more in the newsletter. If you're not receiving it, sign up.

I've been really active on the sequel to D&DFR (Dead & Dead For Real). I have 30,000 words on the first draft and I figure I'm about half through. What's different about this book is it leads us into how we get to a dystopian society, Well almost. I haven't decided whether the world will descend into that or not. My leanings now are to have the world end up skirting dystopia with semblance of modern civilization surviving. That may change as I get into the second half of the book.

Still on hiatus from news and politics. My mind is so peaceful, not worrying about things I have absolutely no influence over.

I'm getting some pages written on Dead Otra Vez, up to 24,000 as of last night. I feel that puts me over the halfway mark. This story deals with North Korea and Russia and it has required me to do some research on those areas. It also required me to do some research on smallpox. What an ugly history, what an ugly disease. Really frightening. Take a look on Wikipedia.

We're firming up a book signing in Saddlebrooke for early May. I'll post the time and place when I have those.

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