Got my newsletter out with Steve's help. Thank you Steve. He and I are still struggling to get Penelope the Pooting Spider print version out. What did I learn? Illustrated books mean large files which are difficult to handle. I never thought a 24 page book would be so troublesome or that it would take so long to get out. Still working on Risen from the Dead. I've written about 3/4 of the the book with less than 1/2 edited. Working away.


Want to find out more about the Prophet, my character in The Envoy? I'm working on his story in my new book, Risen from the Dead. There's also more about President Ron Carson. I'm about 3/4 done with the writing, but not quite 1/2 with the edits. It will be out before the middle of next year.

TUSCON 45 was the best one I've been to! It was a fully packed 3 days, with sessions from 9 until midnight. Movies played 24 hours, and gaming went on and on. Many familiar faces. I went to a session about becoming an actor. Now realize I don't have enough talent that it would have to consume my life for me to have even the smallest bit of success. Thank you Eric Shumacher for that life lesson. I have been watching actors on the screen with new eyes, trying to see their awareness of the camera, the set, their fellow actors. It's an interesting exercise instead of just sitting there like a lump being entertained. I am in awe of those who stick with it and make a go of it. I also attended a costuming session. What a riot. those people have so much fun taking STUFF and making costumes. To look at a pile of junk and see what can be made takes talent. NASA had a couple of good sessions, one on the Apollo program and another about the access to literally TONS of free information from them. Great resource. Another session was about critique groups. The main gist was that they can be invaluable in improving ones writing skills. A bad one can be a disaster. Constructive criticism makes you better. That would be when remarks are made to improve your writing, not build someone else's ego. The Burlesque session was a riot. Lotta flesh there. I loved it. Thank you to those who worked so hard to put this together. You don't nearly enough kudos.

This weekend is the TUSCON Sci-Fi conference in Tucson. It is without a doubt one of the most affordable and extensive Sci-Fi conferences around. I've been going for years and it has always proved a treat. Yeah, I do try to pedal books there with moderate success. A couple of years ago George RR Martin was the keynote speaker. That's BIG. Soooo, See ya there.

I'm still trying to get Penelope the Pooting Spider done. The print version is submitted and Steve and I are futzing with the ebook version. Nothing's easy.
Meanwhile, thanks to you, who visit my site, I've returned to one of my favorite places. That is on board the starship Sylvix heading toward the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. It's a peaceful place to be with no one around unless I want to join the Collective Mind. Once in that mind, the space and time outside Sylvix changes with new dimensions and other matter. The 3 dimensions of space and time are meaningless when I can instantly be anywhere and anywhen These can only be experienced when my mind is part of a much bigger whole because my human brain is too small to encompass more than what is in our physical world. It's all out there, we just don't have the capacity as individuals to sense it.

I got another review of Dead & Dead For Real. IT made my day!


“Dead & Dead for Real” was awesome. Katherine is such an amazing character, and Nick is a great match for her. All too often I read works that feel clearly derivative of other books (especially in thrillers/espionage/terrorist genre), and although I appreciate literary influences when something this original comes along it is a refreshing change of pace! It wasn’t predictable or cliché, (seriously did not see that twist with the ‘voice’ coming) and sometimes it was cutthroat and harsh, and other times I was nearly breathless from the intensity and violent passion--especially toward the end – don’t think I put it down once in the last quarter of the book or so. I finished it in a few short nights and went through so many highs and lows, it felt like a rollercoaster. I enjoyed the ending and was happy to see that this is the beginning of a series and with more to come? But it’s not a cliffhanger (thankfully). Lots of violence and action and dead bodies, but it’s not graphic or overly gratuitous. Works with the story well. Recommend to fans of action/thriller/suspense. (5 Stars) Cam Jones—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

I submitted the text and interior of Penelope the Pooting Spider to Ingram Spark yesterday. As soon as I have the cover and epub files, they'll go in. It's rolling along.

Steve & I are working to get the children's book out. What was 11 pages of letter size is now 30 pages with book size and large font. The illustrations are looking good. I hope to have it submitted within the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, Risen from the Dead continues to unfold. I'm about 75 chapters into it. I went to the Society of Southwestern Authors Self Publishing Expo last weekend. There was some good stuff presented, and Smashwords continues to impress me. I may try to publish something through them.

Writing away on Risen From The Dead. About 200 pages into it by now and the action is getting hot and heavy. Kiki is becoming a naughty girl. Penelope The Pooting Spider now has some artwork with it. Steve is ROCKING.

Got another review for Dead & Dead For Real. Here it is:


I read a lot of action and thriller books, so this is definitely a genre I’m familiar with. I’d never read anything from Robert L. Clayton, but the premise seemed intriguing – especially with the paranormal element. I’m always on the lookout for new authors, so I was curious to see how he would deliver in this one “Dead & Dead for Real”.  While not a perfect book (but is any, really?) I was pleasantly surprised with both the quality of the writing and the creative risk-taking Mr. Clayton used to set his book apart from the masses. He genuinely impressed me with his world-building and interesting characters and inventiveness on many levels. Great detailing gives this story authenticity with regards to military life and police procedures, and we genuinely feel transported into this complex, wild ride from the very beginning.  We also really feel like we are ‘in’ Kiki and Nick’s heads and sharing their ‘extraordinary’ experiences with them – whether it is memories or voices or the current dramatic situation they are in at the time. The chapters are short and the whole thing is very fast-paced – perfect for the genre. The editing is very good, the only thing was the frequency of introducing characters with just first names (and sometimes never get a last one) and sometimes it is hard to tell who the speaker is in conversations. But other than that, the delivery is great and I think this a very promising start to an exciting series! Recommend. (4-5 stars). Stephan Beacher—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

I received another review on Dead Reckoning. Thanks, Steph 

I am a huge fan of thriller and suspense novels and read them all the time. Unfortunately, after a while many of them start to feel the same, like many authors (especially new ones) are using the same recycled plot over and over again. But I love how these books totally break the mold, but stay true to the spirit of the genre. I am so interested in this element of the “Director” the entity that is part of these stories and hope we see more about that aspect. I really liked the first book, “Dead and Dead for Real” and this follow up was just as amazing, if not more so because everything in this one is so much bigger and worse! Right from the start it’s one thing after another that is basically the United States’ worst nightmare – the war is carried out on different fronts and the nation is collapsing. Again, I was captivated by the way Clayton weaved so many interesting characters and twisted frighteningly plausible storylines together to create a story that I couldn’t put down until the final conclusion. I was glad to see Katherine. and Nick and Freddy  (and the ‘other one’) back, and it was good how we are filled in on the events of the other book, but you don’t need to have read it to understand and enjoy this one. It is self-contained. (But read it because its awesome!) It was fast-paced, action and high-stakes drama packed, and with snappy dialogue and free from many clichés that riddle this genre.  I was curious to see how this would all work out in the end, and I wasn’t at all disappointed--- the author makes so very profound observations on the state of the nation in general, and its parallels to modern times is not lost on the reader. An intelligent and thought-provoking read that is different from much out there, and probably best suited for mature readers. So glad there will be more of these books to come! (5 stars) Stephen Beacher—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

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