It's done! Dead Again is edited by Tall Grass and will go on to my copy editor. It will definitely be out next month. I think I would like to try publishing through Ingram-Sparks rather than Create Space. I feel that I might get better service from them. Now Steve and I have to get cracking on the cover.

Whoops, Risen from the Dead took a twist I didn't see. By the time I finish, I'll have every major religion pissed at me. And I'm only 40 pages into the writing.

Steve did a great job on the banner for the latest newsletter. A variation of that will be the cover for Dead Again. First set of edits should be done next week, then on to the copy editor. I'm hoping to have the book out next month.
Meanwhile, Sea Species redux should be out early next month. Tall Grass Editing Co Op, liked the tie in with the Dead series. This is so much fun.

WHAT A SURPRISE! I opened the newspaper to find a review of Dead Reckoning. Here it is:


DEAD RECKONING:DESCENT INTO DYSTOPIA  By R. L. Clayton (R. L. Clayton, $14.99)

 In this second of his "Dead" series, retired Tucson engineer R. L. Clayton reprises his crack Afghan War sniper Kathleen (Kiki) Russell and his interrogator -par-excellence Nick Sabino (along with their demonic whisperer The Director) to try to save the US from a two-pronged bio-and cyber attack. 

Gone underground—and presumed dead—after refusing a government assignment they could not countenance, Kiki and Nick have been on an extended sail around the world. They briefly surface for family bereavement just as a lethal strain of smallpox is unleashed on an unvaccinated American population, and a computer virus shuts  down the country's infrastructure. With people dying by the millions, cities without electricity or the capacity to pump water, and the rule of law breaking down, Nick's particular form of psychological interrogation becomes vital. Nick and Kiki are called upon to uncover international plots (think nuclear states) and to address the descent into anarchy within the U. S. itself.

Book Three's on the horizon.

Christine Wald-Hopkins


Hope I see a spike in interest.


Editor came back regarding Sea Species rewrites. For the second time, an editor has commented that she had problems determining who is the main character. Once I pointed out that Kihhim the community is the main character, got some great comments. It is worrying that I have not portrayed that strongly enough, or perhaps they are quite traditional. Neither is a sci-fi reader. Comments from those of you who have read it would be most welcome.

First installation of Sea Species is at the editor's. We'll see what she says. I'm open to suggestions for publishing. My thoughts as of now are to go through Ingram-Sparks for the print versions. I need to talk to Bookbaby about a promotional release.

Meantime, Dead Again is 60 pages for completion of the first edits. I'M ON TO WRITING RISEN FROM THE DEAD. Yeah!

Since the Sea Species rewrite is almost rewritten, I'm going to send it off to an editor for a final look. I'm thinking of a subtitle for the Evolution River series. How does An Atheist's Guide to God strike you? Those of you who have read the complete trilogy know where this is coming from.

I am getting close on the rewrites of Sea Species. It's been a much greater effort than I planned and I want that done so I can get back to writing Risen form the Dead. The question in my mind now is what to do with the new Sea Species? I would like to offer it as a free or greatly reduced promotional book. Those of you who read the first one can read the rewritten to see the differences. To do this, I'm going to have to work with BookBaby ad CreateSpace. or not. There are other e-book and print book publishers available. Wish I could just turn this over to someone else and write.

I had an interesting conversation with one of my readers. She put Sea Species down when she had trouble relating to any of the characters (protagonists) in the story within the first 60 pages. That disturbed me until I realized that the main character in the book is Kihhim, the community in Arizona or Kahchk Kihhim, the sea nation. The people  were all parts of the growing entity of the community they were creating. Sure, I imagined the characters like Katharine and Leticia and actually put actors faces with them. Katharine was Rene Russo and Leticia was Halle Berry, but the whole trilogy is about the evolution of individuals e.g. humans into a connected entity. The start of that is Kihhim, and that is the central character. So who's my favorite character in the trilogy? Actually, I have two. One is Leticia, who will do anything for the survival of her family, Kihhim, and that includes rebuilding a ruined Earth. My other favorite character is Sylvix, the biological starship. 

I've been working on the rewrites for Sea Species, so why? Here's the author's note.


Note by author

          I had two reasons to rewrite Sea Species. I have learned a lot about writing since I published my first book. This was my opportunity to correct much of the errata.

          As I finished Dead Reckoning, the third book in my Dead series of thrillers, I decided to tie it into Sea Species. I had to make some changes. Minor though they are, The Evolution River series now is an extension of The Dead series. The fourth book in that series Risen from the Dead will follow the rise of a character in The Envoy and The Genesis. The two series now take us from today eons into the future. What fun this has been!


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