My editing group is in the last 10 chapters of Risen from the Dead. So I will go through it several more times, then off to the editor. So, it could be out before August. Steve & I are working on the cover design now.

I've been trying to schedule some talks. The title is "Learn to Write and Publish That Book." I've got the outline done and need to practice. I'm no expert, BUT I've been working at this for 15 years and have 8 books out there. It's the self-publishing where I've gained the most experience, and the one that interests most new writers. So I'd like to pass on what I've learned, much of it the hard way. I met with a new writer last week over lunch and tried to help her. One session might not be enough.

Suggestions are welcome.

My book signing at Bookman's went well. Sold some books and met some nice people. I went to Pinetop last week and contacted a bunch of RV parks (there's about 30 in the area) about doing talks and signings. The response was great. So I plan to go up there several times this summer and sign, sign, sign. Summer in Pinetop is wonderful. 

I've been going through Risen from the Dead and editing. That is not my favorite thing to do, but really makes the book better. Besides, I've learned since I started. I still think it will be out by August. Started rolling ideas around for the next book. It too will have a topic with an unusual view.

Youth Book Signing at Bookman's East, Saturday, Apr 27 from noon to 3. See you there.

Don't forget about the book signing at Bookman's at the corner of Speedway and Wilmot on Saturday, Apr 27 from noon to 3. This signing is mostly for children's books, and I'll have signed copies of Penelope the Pooting Spider. Of course I'll have my other books, but not on display. Those are for the moms and dads. See you there.

Also, June 8 in Pinetop, AZ I'll be attending a fair at the White Mountain Nature Center. Pinetop is a nice place to be in June.

The children's book and the environmental nature of Penelope the Pooting Spider has drawn attention. I think the environmental nature of Sea Species was lost in the sci-fi world. 

I haven't been just snoozing. I've got a book signing at Bookman's east on Speedway and Wilmot in Tucson on April 27 from noon to 3:00. It's a children's book festival. I've also been asked to hold down a table at the Friends of the Environment festival in Pinetop on June 8. Penelope the Pooting Spider does have an environmental message for kids. It hasn't changed my granddaughter's opinion of bugs, though. I gotta work on her about that. That's a good time to be in Pinetop. SO COME VISIT.

Editing and rewriting continues on Risen from the Dead. I'm hoping that it will be out this summer. It will be a good beach read, or cabin read. Lots of work yet to do on it.

Finished the first draft of Risen from the Dead. I looked back when I started this book, and it's been a long haul. Tall Grass Editing co op is about 2/3 through, then I go through again (I've already started) then it goes to my editor then I go through it again. WHEW! Steve and I are working on cover design now. Lots of work and there's room for more Nick and Kiki adventures.

My friend and author guru for me, Melinda Rucker Haynes has a new  book coming out, and I LOVED THIS BOOK! It's called Bitten and it's about a menopausal vampire. Kristen kicks ass and takes no caca from anyone. I laughed until I cried. Look for this book. YOu won't be disappointed.

I got a review in the Az Daily Star on Penelope the Pooting Spider. Here it is, though my insert abilities are REALLY limited.]

I'm getting pretty close to finishing first draft of Risen from the Dead. So far I'm at 82300 words, but that may change. I suspect that more may be added but some subtracted during editing. I tend to cut descriptions and scenes short in writing because I have the images in my head, but need to flesh them out for the readers. Tall Grass editing co op helps with that. It's a great group.

I'm still formulating what happens at the end of Risen from the Dead. I need it to tie into The Envoy, and the Prophet is the character that is central, along with Ron Carson. Those two characters are in both series. The ending also leaves room for more Nick and Kiki stories.

My friend Alexis Powers has decided to write her TRUE memoir. The one she wrote years ago was a PG rated bit of fluff, while her life has been R or even X rated. SO, I'm going to help her write the Juicy scenes. I'm really looking forward to that. She's exceptionally fun to be around. Her stories of her past are definitely R rated, and contain adventures (that a literary word for indulgences that you'll have to read the book to learn about. I'll have to seek assistance from Robyn Lester to give these scenes the proper feminine slant. This is going to be a blast.

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