OKAY!!!! Wings of the WASP is now available through IngramSpark. This has been an ordeal for me. Next I'm going to try to transfer directly from CreatSpace to IS The fly in the ointment is transferring with a new ISBN rather than a new submission. I was told I could do that, BUT how is not obvious. (Nothing seems obvious with IngramSpark.)

I'm still trying to get Wings of the WASP moved over to IngramSpark. Been a bit of tooing and froing with cover and metadata. I'm not so sure they didn't make a error on it. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Meanwhile, I'm writing on Risen from the Dead. It's taken a few twists as I've written. That's always what happens as I write. The characters and setting drive the story. I'm just the scribe.

I went to Casa Grande yesterday and spoke with the Aspiring Authors Club. What a lot of fun it was and what a great group. It was small (3 students and the facilitator for the club). I believe they appreciated information I gave them about getting their books into print. We talked for more than a hour and I left books for them. I might do it again if asked. It was worth the drive.

I'm going to the TusCon sci-fi conference this weekend. It is probably one of the best sci-fi, fantasy conferences around and a lot of fun. It's also a great thing for authors with session about character creation, plot development and other stuff. It's also really cheap as far as conferences go. I recommend it! Here's the site https://www.tusconscificon.com/

Sea Species has been submitted to IngramSpark and I'm awaiting the approval proof. Meanwhile, Steve is working on Wings of the WASP. I am most anxious to get this transfer over so I can get back to writing. I'll be sure and post when the 3rd edition of Sea Species is available. Meanwhile, I've been finishing up the latest newsletter. It should be out within the next week.

Book signing today at the Oro Valley Library. We'll see how that goes. It's the first without Alexis Powers. She was a dynamo in putting it together and promoting it. Keep you fingers crossed that we get swamped and I sell out.

I got to go to the Arizona Librarians conference yesterday to assist one of my editors in presenting. Her topic was "Don't Be a Dreamkiller." It was a plea for librarians to assist independent authors to get their works in the library. My local library has a local authors shelf where local and independent authors can put their works.WHAT A GREAT IDEA!.

One program was a library branch that makes audio books for use by hospital patients. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! I gave her Wings of the WASP to use. Hope it gets used.

Looks like I'm getting really close to having Sea Species distributed and printed by IngramSpark. Hurrah. It's been an ordeal and a real learning experience

I went to a class on e-marketing yesterday. Learned some things. One thing was that the majority of the class was business professionals working for companies hoping to expand their visibility online. Sure, I want to do that, but for them it was their job, what they did for their 8 hour day. THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT TO DO. Naive me, I keep waiting to be discovered so I won;t have to do any of that. So I have to put that on the shelf with the other dreams ta=hat are faded and probably not achievable in my lifetime. I need to slap myself in the face again with reality and go back to writing. Meanwhile, I'm awaiting the files to submit to IngramSpark to get my books printed and distributed with them. Unfortunately, Steve has another life that pays better than me. So, I'm not on the top of the list. BACK TO WRITING. One of my editors thinks I should create a new brand. For those of you not familiar, that's the public image an author creates. She suggested "THE MODERN FUTURIST." I really like that, and with the paranormal metaphysical thread that runs through my writing, perhaps it's not far off. The new series I'm envisioning would be deeply involved with that. I need to get the next newsletter out

I am moving ahead with the IngramSpark printer/distributor. Yeah, the learning curve is steep due to my non tech mentality. I'm going to try Dead & Dead For Real as my test case. Why it instead of Dead Again? Well, IS has different distribution. I didn't want the third book in the series to show up somewhere with no access to the first 2. Will this make a difference in my sales? WE WILL SEE.

OKAY, Looks like talk before Casa Grande students on Nov 15 is set. Also Book signing on Nov 5 at Oro Valley Public Library. Took a first step to publishing with IngramSpark. I bought ISBNs and assigned the first to Dead Again. SO we're moving ahead. Today I'm going to try to get the book uploaded into their template.

A few events are on the horizon. I have a book signing at the annual Oro Valley Library  November 5 from 1 to 5. also I'm going to talk to a Creative Writing class in Casa Grande Nov 15. I'm looking forward to that. Why Casa Grande? Because it plays a prominent part in the last two Dead books. It'll be fun.

I haven't published either the rewritten Sea Species or Dead Again. I'd like to use IngramSpark but the submission is more difficult than CreateSpace. There's a learning curve and I haven't climbed that mountain yet. HELP

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